Bb valve trombone

Lignatone valve trombone tuned in Bb. Even though there are many prejudices against this manufacturer of Czechoslovakia, it is actually well playing, obtained in good condition, and only moderately worn.
A little story exists with this instrument: In 1983, an open air regional play was performed at a tilework. A fire brigade orchestra was a part of this play, and on the last day of play the wind was strong. The player, Master Builder Christensen of Egernsund, had forgotten to tighten the screw that keeps the instrument together (it is detachable). As the orchestra played, a sudden wind took the bell, and carried it away, dropping it in a marsh. Mr. Christensen knew that the "show must go on", so he continued to "pretend to play", causing the rest of the orchestra to stuck in laughter. The bell was then saved from the marsh.
Other informations
Made by: Lignatone, Czechoslovakia
Made in: (1960)
Materials: Brass and German silver, no lacquer.
Condition: Ready for use

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