"Pocket cornet"

This small cornet is reconstructed from the remainders of an old hunting horn, and a scrapped trumpet. Simply the "scrap". It is tuned i Bb, and was finished in its present appearence in 1987. The original hunting horn was signed "Max Glass Klingenthal 1940", this inscription is still visible. The valves vere obtained from a damaged, incomplete trumpet that was scrapped in my workshop some years earlier

How it works:

The lips of the player sets the air in the tube in vibrations. The tone obtained depends on the lenght of the tube. In this examlpe only one valve is shown When the valve is in neutral (1) the tone is determinded by the mouthpiece-bell distance. Activatingthe valve (2) causes the mouthpiece-bell distance to get longer, thus the tone gets deeper. It takes 3 valves to make a brasswind instrument play cromatic (be able to play all tones in the scale).

Other informations
Manufactured by:: Max Glass Klingenthal, and yours sincerely
Build in: (1930), 1940, 1987
Length: 26 cm
Materials: Brass and German silver, no lacquer.
Condition: Ready for use

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