Bb/A Cornet

A Bb/A cornet with 2 tuning slides. One for regular tuning, the other used for 2 positions, Bb is "in", and A is "out". A tuning is preferred for use with string instruments, while Bb is normal in brass bands. The valve slides show marks that must be aligned with the edge of the outer slide tube when playing in A. The instrument is built by Whaley Royce & Co Toronto. It has serial number P26635C, but for some reason the third valve shows 25010. The third valve must have been swapped with another instrument, making it work bad. A centerless roundgrinding made it work again, lucky enough the holes in the valve fits.
Other informations
Made by: Whaley Royce & Co, Toronto
Made in: (1900)
Materials: Raw brass.
Condition: Ready for use

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