bb Kuhlo Horn

A Kuhlo horn is a kind of fluegelhorn, but is played with a trumpet mouthpiece. First third part of the tube is cylindric, thereafter konical. The instrument type was developed by pastor Johannes Kuhlo, who wanted an instrument with a sound well suited for the acoustics in churchrooms. He got what he wanted, nevertheless it seems strange that the instrments were tuned in b, when a tuning in c could have helped the cooperation with the church organ so much. Kuhlo tought his students to play with different fingerings, thus making the b tuned instrument sound in c. It worked well, but his music students might have had hard times when they joined another orchestra, a military orchestra as example.
This instrument caries no maker's sign but has served well for some 70 years. It had 2 major overhauls trough time and though it was never really out of use it still plays.

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