About this collection

On this site, you will be shown a private collection of music instruments. The collection has been made trough the past 25 years, and most of the instruments have been restored, so that they appear presentable, and where possible, usable. The restoring was made in my own workshop, in some cases the condition of the instrument when I found it may also be shown.
Along with each instrument, an explanation of its origin, history, use, and present condition is provided. The age of the different instruments varies between 25 and 125 years.
This site is the only way to see my instruments, they are not on show, unfortunately just stored away in different depots, as they take up quite some place. Only in very limited cases, special interested can see the mainpart the collection, which is located in southern Denmark. Appointment is required, at least 2 weeks before visit.
What makes a person collect enough musi instruments to equip a 25 member brassband, a musician band, or two, an African dance orchestra, and a couple of Indian street musicians - all at the same time? It is the interest in the different instruments, their tecnique, the mostly extensive restoring work, and discovering their history. Also reconstructions have been made. The pourpose of these objects are to act live, in order to inform about rare instruments and their function. The few preserved museum instruments of same kind can (and should) not be used for such purposes.

Just ask your questions: Notice that I give no price estimates of instruments. I can give my non-committing price for a restoring, in order to give a committing bid, I must of course have the instrument in my hands. k_c_museum@yahoo.dk

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