Baritonschalmei. This instrument is ready for use. No factory stamp, just the serial number 30 This instrument is a little more than 1 meter long (40"), and has 8 sound bells. The tone is controlled by 3 piston valves, each with different length of stroke. All combinations are valid, and thus gives 8 different tones. The horns can not be blown to overtones. The instrument can only be tuned by adjusting small lumps of tin on the reeds.
The instrument is not played as a normal brasswind instrument with the lips; it is not a brasswind. The player just need to blow air, lot of air, into the instrument. The sound level is fixed

Fingering table for bariton schalmei:
G: 0
A: 3
H: 2
C: 2+3
D: 1
E: 1+3
F: 1+2
G': 1+2+3

General informations
Maker: Unknown
Made in: Germany 1930's
Materials: Nickel plated brass.
Condition: Ready for use