My entry to music and repairs

It started in the early 1970's when i started playing trumpet in the Sønderskovskolens Musikkorps. An orchestra that was very respected, but has now been closed due to "public sawings" I played in that orchestra for 15 years in that orhestra, a short while in the local firebrigade orchestra, and in a "on occasion" orchestra for the regional play Teglværksspillet on the Cathrisesminde Teglværk, and the Peace Maches 1980-1984 on the Dybbøl Banke.
Changing times of work then made my participation more difficult. When playing a GDR made trumpet, a craftsman that can repair music instruments is now and then needed. I then met H.C. Grünfeld (OZ7GR between Radio Amateurs) a very impulsive craftsman specialized in the repair of brasswind instruments. He cursed Perinette valves and "squirt brass", and showed me ho a real instrument plays. I knew where an old Es horn laid stored away, and Grünfeld told me that this was a good instrument. It was restored perfectly, and I was introduced to brasswind repairs. Unlike many craftsmen, Grünfeld was not reluctant in learning me how to do such repairs. So I discovered that in a wreck, a good music instrument could be found, with the result that I now own more than 100 music instruments, of which some 90 are described on this site.
Hans Christian Grünfeld died, and I first experienced this when I found some of his tools at a pedlar's sale. These tools are now a valuable help to me.

Sønderskovskolens Musikkorps
on tour in Belgium
The home made cornet in use
at a friend's wedding
The orchestra lined up in front of the bus

Sønderborg Firebrigade Orchestra Excercising The regional play

Trough time we had many exciting experiences with the orchestra. A tour to Belgium was very intense, and interesting. The anual Christmas tour to the danish minorities in Flensburg a welcome part of Christmas. Another memorable happening was the "Play together" arrangement, where the municipality had invited the very known composer, (whom nobody had ever heard of before, or since) whom I will call P: here. He had composed a work that fast became "P:'s uncompleteable symphony" (Opus 00). The nodes had to be corrected several times, while the 40 players orchestra waited, the different parts had unequal numbers of bars, the bars did not match the time... The "play together" arrangement was newer repeated, and P: carefully collected all nodes sheets after the first performance.
At a christmas arrangement of the orchestra some smart person made a parody on this unique work.
The parody is shown here, featuring may of the elements of P: 's Opus 00.

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