"Tapegrammophone", is a suitable name for this thing. It comes from a furniture that also had a radio. Unfortnately this furniture had a too close contact with a bulldozer on a scrap yard. The furniture could not be saved, only the Tefi unit was not too broken. A casette can hold up to 4 hours of music, the tape is endless, it is transported by some rubber rolls, and a grammophone pickup reads the tape that has a track like a grammophone disc. A discomfort is the long lead-in, that is even equipped with a waiting signal (sound example). The Tefi system never got widespread.
Tape and pickup The endless tape

Other informations
Built by: Tefi, Germany
Year af manufacture: ca 1950
Materials: The tape is plastic.
Tape speed: 19 cm (7 1/2" per sec) Condition: Can be used