Bb Trumpet

A Bb trumpet of a type common in Northern Europe in the early 1900's. This instrument has funny hitory, as it was obtained as a wreck from a huckster in Germany. He asked DM 30, I was ready to pay only the half. I offered him double if I would NOT succed to play at least 20 seconds of "Amazing Grace" On the other hand he would have to sell at half price if I could. He thought the case would be clear, very understandable if you look at the picture below. It sounds hard to believe if you look at the picture below.
You can play something that sounds like "Amazing Grace" with only the first valve at work. The first valve is normally the most worn, its rarely stuck. The trumpet lacket the wind pipe, and mouth piece, so I played directly into the first valve muff. But i got the instrumet at my price.. The instrument was reconstructed, it carries scars from its past, but is a good playing instrument.
Same instrument just after the purchase.
Other information
Made by: Unsigned
Made in: (1920)
Materials: Brass and German silver, no lacquer.
Condition: Good playing, ready for use

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