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Ancient Music Instruments
Bate Collection of Musical instruments
Cite de la musique
Coici's Homepage
Deutsches Museum
Edinburg University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
The Fiske Museum
The Grinnell College Music Instrument Collection
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Koizumi Fumio Memorial Archives
Kunitachi College of Music
mfa Boston Collections
Musikhistorisk Museum, København
Muzeum Nardowe
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Metropolitan Museum
The Miner Museum
The Musical Museum London
Museum of Musical Culture
MusikinstrumentenMuseum der Universität Leipzig
Museo Virtuale Degli Strumento Italiani
Museum Vleeshuis
Musical Instrument Museum, Bruxelles
Musikinstrumentenmuseum Lisberg
National Music Museum
The Nydahl Collection
The Stearn Collection of Musical Instruments
The Vazquez Collection of Historical Musical Instruments
World Music Instrument Gallery
Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments

Information Sources
Alte Musik Salszburg Austria
The American Musical Instrument Society
Contrabass Mania
Folk instruments of the Carpatho-Rusyns  
The Galpin Society
Institute of Musicology af the Hungarian Academy
Instrument Encyclopedia
Orchestra Library
Instrumentos Musiciais Tradicionais Portugues
Music Of Puerto Rico
Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Musikstadt Markneukirchen
Ringve Museum
Sibelius Akatemia(links)
Stockholm Music Museum
What Makes Music?
Zinas par Latvesh Muzikam

Brasswind Instruments
1st Brigade Band
Al's Mellophone Page
Al's Tenor Horn Page
Americus Brassband
Blasmusikmuseum Ratten
The Brass Players Museum
CJONES Homepage
Dick Martz' Collection of Horns
The F Bass Trombone Page
Feuerwehrkapelle Struth
The G Bugle Web Page
Historic Brass Society
John Ericson Horn page
John's Ophicleide Directory
O.J.'s Trumpet Page
Origin of the Trombone
Phil's "old and odd" Brass Instrument Gallery
Primus Blecblasinstrumente
Schloss Kremsegg Castle Brass Instrument Collection
The Serpent Website
The Taps Bugler Homepage
Tuba Portalen
Vintage Cornets

Woodwind Instruments
Alan's Bagpipe Collection
The Bagpipe Place
Brother Steves Tin Whistle Page
Estrudes de Aerofones Mexicanos
International Saxophone Homepage
de Saxofoon
The Universe of Bagpipes
Vintage Saxophone Gallery

Stringed Instruments
Ancient Lithuanian Kankles
Pavlovski Balalajka Orkester
Biazinho do Bandolim
Coog Instruments & Folk Art
CRANE Homepage
The double Bass and Violin Internet Archive
Museum dos Cordofones
Nils Wieboldt
Prewar Gibson Banjos
Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris Lute makers
Studia Instrumentorum
Werner's Zitherseite
Violine Online

Keyed Instruments
Argentinian Barrel Organ Museum
Charles K. Moss Piano Studio
Den Danske Orgelregistrant
Das Internet Orgelmagazin
Johan's Orgel Paginas
Museu do Acordeon
The Organ Society

Mechanic Instruments
Mechanical Music Digest
Siegfrieds Mechanische Musikinstrumente
Le moulin à Musique Mecanique

Baschet & Glass Instruments
Glass Duo
Site de l'instrumentarium Baschet

Instrument Making, Conservation
Conservation Online
The Music Instrument Maker's Forum
Eric Reiswig's Homepage

Electronic Instruments
120 Years of Electronic Music
The Theremin Home Page

Thüringer Shalmeienorchester

Experimental Instruments
Harry Partch Instrument Gallery
Kite Musical Instruments
Museum of Music Inventions
Odd Music

Link Collections
American Musical Instrument Society: Links
Carolina Classical Connection
National Music Museum
Sibelius Akatemia(links)
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