Eb alto horn

An alto horn tuned in Eb, Royal brand. Originally obtained for "Christiansfelder Freiwilliger Feuerwehr " in 1914, and was in use in Southern Jutland (Denmark) until it was discarded in the mid 1960's because of a bad, mute tone. At the restoring of this instrument, the reason was found; a virtually uncirculated coin signed 1962, stuck out of sight in the first bend of the bell. After restoring this instrument is as good as new.
The coin may have got in during a march, as there used to be a tradition, that enthusiastic watchers threw coins in the bell of the tuba of the passing march orchestra. A coin may accidently have got into the alto horn of that orchestra.

Other informations
Made by: Royal, England
Made in: 1913
Materials: Brass and German silver, no lacquer.
Condition: Ready for use

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