Bb Tenor horn

An oval tenor horn tuned in B, made by Fritz Horst, Altona. This instrument maker stopped building brassswind instruments in 1918, but continued with other instruments. This instrument drifted around among differend fire brigade orchestras, until a school orchestra, and a partial fire damage finally got it down. The instrument shape is often called a "Wagner Tuba" as it was originally constructed for the performance of "Niebellungens Ring". It has not been possible to reconstruct this instrument tor its former glory, but it will play when some details have been reconstructed.

The same instrument on arival in 1985

Other informations
Made by: Fritz Horst, Altona
Made in: Before 1918, most likely around 1900
Materials: Brass and German silver.
Condition: Carries scars, can play, will play even better
when some details have been done

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