Repair of a balalaika

Not in a bad condition, this balalaika nedded some smaller repairs. Let us have a look.

Cleaning of the fingerboard. Polishing around a scratch. Oops, it was loose too.
For a start, old dirt is removed using ammonium hydroxide, max 8%. After this cleaning, many scratches get visible, they are polished with fine sandpaper. Thinned laq is applied, and also polished with very fine sandpaper when it is dry. Also some parts need new glue.

A scratch covered with new laq, before polishing. Polishing of fingerboard Final polish

The scratches were polisched again after applying new laq, in order to have the new laq down to the level of the old laq, thus leaving the repair invisible. The rails of the fingerboard are polished in order to look better, and awoid scratching of the strings. Finally, the fingerboard is treated with wood oil, and the laq'ed parts are polished with a fine wood polish

And here we are.