Restoring Music Instruments

Most instruments shown in these pages, were obtained in a very bad condition. Restorement took place in my own workshop, where some instruments still wait for restorement. When restoring, it is important for me that the instrument also gets the playing abilities back again. But, that is not always possible, in one case 70% of all wood of a cither would have needed replacement to obtain a playing instrument. That would mean loosing the original instrument, in such cases the instrument recieve a conservation, and a cosmetic restorement. It takes much to make me give up, the work is interesting, and I stand to the the results. When restoring I pay attention not to remoce all signs of wear; the instrument would then loose its history. It is okay with me to install new Rose's metal or silver alloy bearings in the valves of a brass instrument, where it cant be seen. On the other hand, I dont remove signs from fingers, having trough 80 years of service worn pits into the buttons of the same instrument. Seen from an economic point of view, a restoring of many of some of the shown instruments would not have been profitable. If I would demand a suitable payment, my pament and the materials would in many cases come close to the price of a new instrument of a good brand. On the other hand, a restorement of a unique instrument gould prove to be a good investment.
Before:  After:
Before:  After:
Sometimes my workshop also meanst the end of some instrument without historial or musical value. it is then diassembled, and used for spare parts for other instruments. There is not much lost, in some cases a "new" instrument can be raised form the spare parts box, like this one.

See repair reports for som einstruments, please click the pictures.

A Tuba is repaired A mouth organ is repaired Reconstruction of a Zink
An organ pipe A look at the workshop A Konzertzither
A transverse flute. Echo cornet A Balalajka Keyboard
Making of a Sudrophone Maintenance on Phonograph Repair of Grammophone

Just ask your questions: Notice that I give no price estimates of instruments. I can give my non-committing price for a restoring, in order to give a committing bid, I must of course have the instrument in my hands.