Restoring of a transverse flute

After many years of use, this transverse flute had need for a main overhaul.

Removing the inner brass tube from the mouthpiece The brass tube removed, down left
the solder disc of the counterhammer
Sprig for a key is removed.
Inseide the mouthpiece a brass tube is mounted. Corrosion between brass and wood makes need for more space, and the tree cracks. For the removal, a counterhammer is used, its soldering disc is applied to the brass tube, using Wood's metal (very low melting point). The mouthpiece is cleaned and wax applied to the brass tube before reinsertion. The keys work slow due to old oil and dirt. The sprig carrying the key is hammered out with help of a mandrel, and all parts cleaned and polished. Also the wood is polished, a polishing disc can be used, but it may not have been in touch with metal, or the wood will discolour.

A crack is clued Polishing, the wooden parts are covered. After and before.

A wooden tube was cracked, and had to be clued. First all fat and oil had to be removced from the wood, ammonium hydroxide is useful, with care. Clue is then added, and the crack kept tight with a clamp. Then the instrument is assembled, and the wood treated with a suitable oil.

And here it is.

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