Inspection of a Phonograph

This Phonograph worked, but the mechanic parts were too noisy, and running irregular. The appearence neede a little care too, here you will see some photos form the inspection.

Like it was Bad crack in the horn. Disassembly.
An old machine needs a little care. A little dirty, the work is too noisy, a crack in the horn.. Aluminium can not be soldered, it had to be straightened out and sealed with glue, the glue then coloured in aluminium, to match the surroundings. The work is disassembled for cleaning and inspection.

Tooth cleaning The cleaned part. Adjustment of the clearence

Dirt has collected between the teeth of the toothwheels, this dirt is removed with a dentist's explorer. Egg trays work good for storing purposes, here are the cleaned mowing parts. At the reassembly, the sidewards clearence is measured, to ensure good run of the work. Too small a clearence will cause a heavy and irregular run. To much clearence will cause too noisy operation.

Lubrication of the work Balancing of flywheel.

The old lubricant has been removed, and replaced by new lubricant. The spring itself gets a little fat, to awoid settlement shocks in the phonograph when the spring unwinds during operation. The flywheel is balanced to ensure a smooth silent operation.

And, ready it is!.