Restoring of a Concert Zither

A disused Cither is too often laid away with tuned strings in a moist room. As the clue used is not waterproof, the instrument collapses. A repair must hen be done, and so it was.

The edge of the zither. The anchorblock
has also torn some of the fingerboard loose.
Also an inside cross brace is loose.
Ater dismounting the strings, the anchorblock was removed. A loose cross brace was spottet inside the Zither. With a sandpaper file the old clue was removed from both cross brace and anchorblock. The cross brace was clued, and while the clue hardened held in place with a wedge. Then the anchorblock was mounted back and held in place with clamps. Some lacquer repair and the Zither was again worth a sight and a listen.

Clamps in use while the clue hardens. And here it is

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