Reconstruction of a Zink

A zink is an old wind instrument, the are rare, and only to see in museums, where they can not be touched, and least of all played on. Thats why I made my own zink, first a tree of the right shape is to be found..

Coarse shaping the instrument. Splitting in two halfparts Chiseling out

After cutting the tree, and allowing it to dry for 2 years, the instrument was coarse shaped with a compass saw. Then it was split in two halfparts, and made hollow by chiseling out the excess wood.

Cluing the halfparts Drilling the fingerholes Staining and lacquer finish (shellac)

After hollowing the instrument, the two halfparts were clued together again, making use of all the clamps i had. Finger holes were made, and the surface stained several times, and then having 7 treatments with shellac.

Grinding the inner side Applying mouthpiece reciever Tuning in by means of frequncy counter

The two halfparts can not be ecspected to fit perfectly. Grinding the inside makes sure the bore is round. A mouthpiece reciever was made, and put on warm, this makes sure it will fit tight. Finally the zink was tuned with a frewuency counter.

And here it is.

And it does play