A Marke accordeon, it has 8 basses, and 20 trebles. It can play, though it does not hold the facilities expected by a modern accordeon player. It has recently been restored to a better look.

How it works:
Tones and counter valves

The tone is determined by opening a valve that leads air from the bellow, along the svinging body, trough the counter-valve, and into the free air. There are different tones attached to one valve, depending on wether the player drags, or presses the bellow. (1) shows the bellow being pressed, allowing the upper tone body to sving, whie the lower is blocked by the counter valve. Dragging the bellow (2) allows the lower tone body to swing while the upper gets blocked. If several "press" or "drag" tones are to be played after each other, the accordeon has a toneless "breath hole" activated by the thumb of the left hand.

Other informations
Made by: Fabrik MARKE
Made in: (1950)
Materials: Wood, bellows of goat skin supported with cardboard.
Condition: Ready for use

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