Table Violin
(Hearth violine, Bow Cither)

A rare instrument, developed from the citar. It plays like a violin, but standing on a table increaes the volume of the instrument. The instrument type is seen in the late 1800's, after c. 1900 no new instruments are build. Several reasons made this instument type disappear again. Standing on a table hinder the use of the bow on the two outer strings. The player must have a table, as the instrument is uneasy to play handheld. It stands on 3 ivory studs, supplied with sharp steel points to make sure the instrument stands stable. That may give some bad scratches on the table. I made some small "boots" with hard rubber soles to mount the ivory studs.

Other informations
Made by: H. Kolmsee.
Made in: (1880)
Condition: Restored, ready for use

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