French horn in F

F tuned french horn, biuld by I.K.Gottfried in København. It is brepared for retuning by exchange of the tuning slides. This instrument served as decoration through 35 years, it had some dents, and a lead pipe break, but was otherwise in a good condition, the 3 rotary valves have barely ever been used. According to the protocols of i.K.Gottfried, instrument no. 735 was sold to Breining (can be both city or person) on the 2 of July 1919.

French horns are mentionead as godlike; they are blown by humans, but only God knows what comes out of the bell. Being played in a high range where the natural tones lays close, the right tone is relatively hard to hit. Only in this high range the horn shows its typical sound. In a lover range it sounds more "common" many french horns can not even play their keynote .
Other information
Build by: I.K.Gottfried, København
Build in: 1919
Materials: Brass, German silver, no lacquer.
State: Ready for use

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