Crystal trombone
(Baschet, Glas trombone)

A selfmade instrument, built after the principle of the Baschet brothers. This instrument type is not much known outside France and the French speaking regions of Canada. When a glas rod is rubbed with moist fingers, a resonating rod is set in vibrations, those vibrations are transferred to the sound membrane. That sond membrane is common for all Baschet instruments. The sound source in Baschet instruments may also be xylophone rods, drums, springs, and much more.

Glass rods and resonance rods

The function:

The blue glassrod is rubbed, and sets the horisontal metal rod in vibrations. The metal rod is supplied with a weight that creates a nodal point. Tuning is made by moving this weight. The vibrations are transferred on to the membrane

Other infos
Builder: Selfmade, yours sincerely
Built in: 2001
Materials: Stainless teel, brass, glass
Condition: Ready for use

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