Development of the brasswind instruments
Presentation of old Musical Instruments - but how?

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Description Name Langauge Filesize Operating System
Spektrumanalyzer Syaku 121 kB Win + Mac
Tuner Syaku 55 kB Win
Metronome Vadino 40 kB Win
Tone generator TTG v.3,92 700 kB Win
String calculator String calculation v1,5 * Linux

Drawing archives:
Instrument types Name Langauge
Stringed instruments American Memory
Stringed instruments CRANE Homepage
Organs Johan's Orgel Pagina
Early keyed instruments Russel Collection of early keyboard instruments

Formulas and wave theory
Is discussed a litleHere

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Word list
Some words used otherwere in this homepage are explained in the Word list

Serial numbers
Find the age of an instrument HERE.

Tones vs. Frequency: (A=440Hz) HERE.

Transposing card
Self-print sheet: Make a landscape print on A4 sized paper. Cut along all the red lines. Fold backower along the grey line. Put the smaller sheet in the larger, and fold the right side. If transposing from c to b, adjust right c to stand by the left b. Now transpose node for node, as the original nodes match the left side, now the new nodes stand right. Print.
The transposing card.


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